Des membres du Biotech Social Pact appellent à la création d’un secrétariat d’Etat à la Biotechnologie

Alors que le président Macron a fixé pour objectif de développer et de produire 20 médicaments biopharmaceutiques d’ici 2030, plusieurs membres du Contrat Social pour la Biotechnologie appellent à la nomination d’un secrétaire d’Etat dédié à la biotechnologie dans le prochain gouvernement, afin de favoriser l’innovation en santé et la croissance de l’écosystème biotech français. […]

Members of the Biotech Social Pact call for the creation of a State Secretariat for Biotechnology

As President Macron has set the goal of developing and producing 20 biopharmaceutical products by 2030 in France, several members of the Biotech Social Pact call for the appointment of a Minister for Biotechnology in the next Government, to foster health innovation and the growth of the French biotech ecosystem. Whereas healthcare is currently undergoing a major biotechnological […]

Leading French business daily Les Echos publishes op-ed co-authored by 12 BSP signatories

On December 8, 2021, France’s leading business daily Les Echos published an op-ed co-authored by 12 of the Biotech Social Pact signatories. They call for policymakers to both place biomedical innovation at the heart of France’s healthcare system and start a truly inclusive dialogue with pharmaceutical industry, involving not only its historical stakeholders, but also and above […]

Signature of the Biotech Social Pact

A European Biotech Social Pact with Europe and Patients was signed on September 30, 2020 by 68 signatories. The Biotech Social Pact is a community of industry CEOs and senior leaders from biotech and venture capitalists united by an ambition to deliver breakthrough medical innovations that transform patients’ lives. The full publication can be found […]