The Pact

More than 100 industry CEOs and senior leaders from biotech and VCs have signed up to the Biotech Social Pact to demonstrate our commitment to the Pact’s principles and objectives at the highest level.
We will seek to collaborate with all key parties in the healthcare system, including all biopharmaceutical companies, payers, hospitals, pharmacies, distributors and policy makers, to achieve broad patient access to our medicines.
To achieve the goal of patient access, we will collaborate with European governments, institutions, regulatory authorities, policymakers, patient organizations and healthcare professionals to contribute to sustainable healthcare systems, in particular through innovative pricing and value-based arrangements.
We commit to patient centricity and empowerment in how we build and operate our companies, and will adhere to principles of compliance, transparency, ethics with patient groups, while considering them as equal partners.
We commit to contribute to Europe’s scientific excellence by conducting a significant share of our clinical research in Europe, as well as partnering with public authorities and academia on other initiatives to advance medical research and public health.
We will engage with European policymakers to support the development and the growth of world-class biotech ecosystems, especially in those countries where biotech is identified as a strategic industrial sector.
“Our mission is to ensure we’re building a promising future for medical advancements around the globe. We are committed to investing in research and development to create innovations that positively impact patients. Our goal is this – to give those in need access to life-changing therapies, to improve their quality of life, and to have more time with their loved ones – and to do it sustainably.” - John F. Crowley, Chairman and CEO, Amicus Therapeutics
“The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed the need for forward-looking solutions and partnerships more acutely than ever. The Biotech Social Pact strives at encouraging biotech companies to be a force for good in partnering with European authorities, citizens, and patients to create a system where scientific investment ultimately yields effective, affordable and accessible therapeutics for future generations.” - John Maraganore, Former Founding CEO, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
“The values of the Biotech Social Pact are in lockstep with argenx's focus on collaboration. Through this platform, we aim to work with the healthcare community as a whole to strengthen global dialogue, and to co-create a more sustainable future for health and biotech innovation.” - Tim Van Hauwermeiren, Chief Executive Officer, argenx

We the undersigned leaders in the biotechnology industry and life science investors in Europe and in the US recognize that at this pivotal moment in the history of our industry, we are at the dawn of a golden age of medicine. We will soon have the ability to treat and cure diseases which have been untreatable and incurable.

Our industry is unique. We save, extend and enhance lives by alleviating the burden of disease. Our mission is to change the course of each individual’s life for the better. To achieve this, we acknowledge that we have a moral obligation to develop the best medicines and strive to ensure that every person who may benefit has access to them. And we need to ensure that we act with the highest integrity and corporate responsibility- always prioritizing the interests of patients.

So, to fulfill our obligations to patients, physicians, public authorities across Europe and to renew trust and confidence in how we deliver on our mission, each of us affirms a New European Biotech Social Pact, informed by these Core Principles and Actions:


The Biotech Social Pact is a community of industry leaders united by an ambition to deliver breakthrough medical innovations that transform patients’ lives. The community continues to evolve and grow as new leaders join the initiative.

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