Current Signatories

Signatories are leaders of biotech and VCs committing to the Biotech Social Pact in their own names. On this page you will find a list of leaders who have signed the Pact to date. The list of signatories is consistently evolving, with more members joining and some signatories changing affiliation over time. 

If you are interested in joining please check out our contacts page.



Els Beirnaert, Ph.D.

CEO, Aelin Therapeutics

Patrik De Haes

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Oxurion N.V.

Luc Dochez

Managing Partner, DROIA Genetic Diseases Fund

Eric Halioua

President and CEO, PDC’line Pharma

Tim Knoterus

CEO, AgomAb Therapeutics

Edwin Moses

Former CEO, Ablynx / Chairman Of The Board LabGenius, Avantium and Achilles Therapeutics

Mark Vaeck

CEO, Complix N.V.

Onno Van de Stolpe

Former CEO, Galapagos

Tim Van Hauwermeiren

CEO, argenx

Cedric Ververken

CEO, Confo Therapeutics


Don DeBethizy

President, White City Consulting and Chairman, Albumedix

Emmanuel Dulac

President and CEO, Zealand Pharma


Karen Aiach

Founder, Chair and CEO, Lysogene

Pierre Belichard

CEO, Enterome

Gil Beyen

CEO, Erytech

André Choulika , PH.D.

CEO, Cellectis

Xavier Duportet, PH.D.

Co-founder and CEO, Eligo Bioscience

Nawal Ouzren

CEO and Director, Sensorion

Antoine Papiernik

Chairman and Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners

Georges Rawadi, PH.D.

Former CEO, YSOPIA Therapeutics / Member of the Board of Directors, Alia Therapeutics and Non-Executive Board Member, Apmonia Therapeutics

Liang Schweizer

Co-Founder and CEO/CSO, HiFiBiO Therapeutics

Stéphane Van Rooijen

CEO, Dynacure

Stéphane Van Rooijen

CEO, Dynacure

Thomas Ybert, PH.D.

CEO, DNA Script


Adi Hoess

CEO, Affimed

Jean-Paul Kress, M.D.

CEO, Morphosys



CEO, Genespire


Jasper Bos, PH.D.

Former Senior Vice President and Managing Director, M Ventures / General Partner, Forbion and Board Member, Anaveon

Michel Briejer, Ph.D.

Managing Partner, Thuja Capital

Ronald Brus

Founder and CEO, My Tomorrows

Roel Bulthuis

Managing Director, Inkef Capital

Daniel De Boer

Founder and CEO, ProQR Therapeutics

Inez De Greef

CEO, Treeway

John De Koning, Ph.D.

General Partner, LSP

Harry Flore

Former CEO, Hal Allergy and Halix

Theresa Heggie

Former CEO, Freeline / CCO, ProQR

Jos Joore

CEO and Co-Founder, Mimetas

Troels Jordansen

CEO, Glycostem

Allard Kaptein

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Covaluation BioSciences

Matthew Kapusta

CEO, Uniqure

Ronald Kempers

CEO and CFO, Mymetics Corporation

Mark Krul

Partner, Aglaia Oncology Funds


CEO, ISA Pharmaceuticals B.V.

Roel Schaapveld

CEO, InteRNA Technologies B.V.

Hans Schikan

Former CEO, Prosensa / Co-founder and Vice Chair, Pharvaris

Sander Slootweg

Managing Partner, Forbion

Jan Smeitink

CEO, Khondrion

Rein Strijker

CEO, Vitalnext

Marco Timmers, Ph.D.

CEO, Byondis

Dinko Valerio, Ph.D.

Founder and Chariman of the supervisory board, ProQR Therapeutics

Erik Van den Berg

CEO, AM-Pharma

Pieter Van der Meer

Founder and Managing Partner, Gilde Healthcare

Ypke Van Oosterhout

Founder and CEO, Xenikos

Han Van 't Klooster

Co-Founder and CEO, PharmaCytics

Edward Van Wezel

Managing Partner, BioGeneration Ventures

René Vleugels

CEO, CyTuVax

Alexander Vos

Former CEO, VarmX BV / CEO, VectorY Tx

Eline Vrijland-Van Beest

CEO, Hybridize Pharma B.V.

Yvette Zimmerman, Ph.D.

CEO, Pantarhei Bioscience & Pantarhei Oncology


Yngvar P. Berg d.y.

Interim CEO and Member of the Board of Directors, Algipharma


Patrick Amstutz

CEO, Molecular Partners

Dario Eklund

CEO, Santhera Pharmaceuticals

Samarth Kulkarni

CEO, CRISPR Therapeutics

Kim Stratton

Former CEO, Orphazyme / Independent Director, Vifor Pharma and Member of the Board of Directors, Novozymes

Marina Udier, Ph.D.

CEO, Nouscom


Francesco De Rubertis

Co-Founder and Partner, Medicxi

Alexandria Forbes

President and CEO, MeiraGTx

Justin Gover

Former CEO, GW Pharmaceuticals

Tim Haines

Chairmann and Managing Partner, Abingworth LLP

Chris Hollowood

Chief Investment Officer, Syncona

Mark Kotter, M.D., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Founder/CEO, Bit Bio


Joern Aldag

CEO, Hookipa Pharma Inc.

Olivier Brandicourt, M.D.

Former CEO, Sanofi / Member of the Board of Directors, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Ron Cohen, M.D.

CEO, Acorda

John Crowley, J.D.

Chairman of the Board and CEO, Amicus Therapeutics

Matthew Gantz

Former CEO, OxThera / CEO at Castle Creek Biosciences

Paul Hastings

President and CEO, Nkarta Therapeutics

Emil Kakkis, M.D., Ph.D.

CEO, President and Director, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.

Rachel King

Former CEO, Glycomimetics / Member of the Board of Directors, Glycomimetics

Jeremy Levin, D.Phil, M.B. B.Chir.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Ovid Therapeutics

Ted Love, M.D.

President and CEO, GlobalBlood Therapeutics

John Maraganore, Ph.D.

Former CEO, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals